Morgan House Foods wins Great Taste Awards!

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Great Taste Award-winning Lemon Curd and Lemon Cordial

We are very excited to announce that Morgan House Foods won a Great Taste Award this year for our zingy Organic Lemon Cordial and scrumptious Organic Lemon Curd.

So just what makes our products so deliciously award-winning?

“I call my recipes Anglo-Nigerian; my flavours represent an attempt to bottle sunshine!” says our founder, Yemi Raiwe, “I was taught that every meal, no matter how simple, should create a measure of happiness.”

Better yet, all of Morgan House Foods range is organic and made skillfully by hand. “We source our ingredients from accredited organic suppliers and work hard to source local organic produce. This is very important as the fresher the produce, the better the flavours in the finished product.”

“Artisan food has that extra measure of care. Our ingredients are all chacked and prepared by hand, resulting in authentic real food. We try to take the hassle out of home cooking, while making products that are true and clean and junk free. All round it is better for our well-being.”

Discover the taste of our award-winning products for yourself!